Custom Studies

Experts in entertainment research answer your most important business questions

Hub is a global full-service custom research company.  We design and field studies to help leading brands answer their most important strategic and tactical questions.

  • Launch new products: identify the content, features, or positioning that will distinguish new offers from alternatives
  • Drive content discovery: understand how consumers find and choose content, and how to influence which content they choose over others
  • Attract a bigger audience: attract more consumers across screens, devices and platforms
  • Engage more deeply: understand how consumers allocate disposable time, and
  • Monetize content: quantify which content and features consuemrs are most willing to pay for, and how they’d like to pay (e.g. subscription, free-with-ads, microtransactions, tiers, etc.
  • Prioritize opportunities: identify unmet needs that represent the biggest opportunities to grow, in general and within key segments

Why Hub?  All of our work is on entertainment technology:  we don’t do anything else.  That means our team comes pre-wired with an understanding of your products, customers, and business.  We’ll understand your objectives better and more quickly, and our experience with similar research will enable us to recommend the most effective design.  And with our deep knowledge of the industry we can analyze the findings to come up with more useful recommendations.

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