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Quarterly research on emerging entertainment tech and devices

In the world of media and entertainment, evolution doesn’t occur in a vacuum. New platforms, new forms of content, and new technologies are developed separately.  But the act together to shape consumers’ entertainment decisions.

Hub’s Entertainment + Tech Tracker takes a deep dive into consumers are adoption of new technology, devices, and forms of content.   The findings explore how each aspect of the entertainment landscape complements and competes with others, and forecast where the biggest audiences and demand will exist in the future.

The 2019 Entertainment + Tech tracker will survey more than 12,000 consumers across 4 quarterly studies:

  • Entertainment in the Connected Home: Which technology and devices are consumers adopting?  Which do they intend to buy?  How do these devices influence their consumption of entertainment?  Which do they use the most, and why?
  • Evolution of the TV Set:  how are next gen TV sets and TV connectors changing the way video is discovered and consumed?  How important are 4K and HDR content?  When do consumers watch on a TV screen, and when do they prefer mobile?  How much influence do the operating system and apps a smart TV is delivered with have on what consumers watch?
  • Gaming 360: gaming continues to draw a greater share of consumers’ disposable time.  How many consumers game, and what do they play?  What other kinds of content do they consume on devices they use for gaming?  What is the potential for game-related content, like gaming influencers and eSports?
  • Voice Control: Consumers are buying smart speakers, and voice control technology is being embedded in more entertainment devices.  To what extent are consumers aware of this tech, and how well do they understand the capabilities?  How many have it today, and how many intend to get it?  How is voice technology used with entertainment content today, and what unmet needs could it solve?

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