May 3, 2018


There’s a large gap in perceived value between TV services and traditional cable, satellite and fiber optic services, according to Hub Entertainment Research’s annual “What’s TV Worth” report. MVPD customers pay, on average, $33 more per month for the TV services they subscribe to than they think is reasonable, while among those subscribing to Virtual MVPDs, the actual versus reasonable difference is just $17. And 75% of SVOD subscribers and 68% of virtual MVPD customers describe their subscription as a “good” or “excellent” value, compared to 46% of traditional pay TV subscribers.
 “Aggregation of content is clearly one way for pay TV providers to add value for their subscribers, but we also know how much consumers dislike the idea of paying for content they never watch,” said Peter Fondulas, principal at Hub and co-author of the study.  “As long consumers continue to view only a small portion of the networks they get in their MVPD bundle – as we’ve seen in other research – they’re likely to continue to feel their pay TV subscription offers less than optimal value.”