October 24, 2019

Conquering Content

The 2019 Conquering Content study offers insight into how TV consumers discover new shows to watch, how they feel about the range of content options available, and how their habits and perceptions have changed over time.

We conducted the first wave of our Conquering Content study in 2013, just as the era of “Peak TV” was ramping up. With more TV content to watch, from an ever-growing variety of sources, our goal at the time was to help TV producers, distributors, and marketers better understand how TV viewers learn about and decide to watch TV shows.

Since then, the volume of TV content has grown even more rapidly, making it that much more of a challenge to successfully market any individual show in an increasingly crowded field. And as the TV content marketplace has evolved, so has our study: measuring the impact of brand new TV services on viewers’ choices, accounting for the range of new discovery tools consumers can use, and exploring consumers’ attitudes—positive or negative—about the sheer volume of shows available, and about how easy or difficult it is to find something of interest to watch.

Although both the TV landscape and the study topics have evolved, Conquering Content’s ultimate, overarching goal has remained the same: provide industry decision-makers with insight they can use to develop strategies for making sure their shows stand out amid the clutter.

Online survey with 2,016 U.S. TV viewers age 16-74.