December 28, 2019

Video Redefined

Now firmly entrenched as a mainstream source of entertainment and information, YouTube has proven that a video platform does not need to conform to traditional TV program formats to be enormously popular.

Other platforms have jumped on the nontraditional bandwagon, eager to tap into consumers’ appetite for video content at any time, of any length, and on any screen. Facebook Watch and Snapchat are new destinations for viewing TV-quality series, eSports attract audiences as large, or larger, than traditional sports broadcasts, Tik Tok provides a way for consumers to both share and consume their own video content with others, and Quibi threatens to disrupt the video ecosystem with short form content tailor-made for mobile devices.

“Video Redefined” will take a deep-dive into current adoption of these new forms of video content, the appeal of new entrants into the market, and importantly, the impact of these new content sources on traditional TV viewing. The study will also look at trends in new video consumption and attitudes since our 2018 “New TV Times and Places” research.

Online survey with 2,050 U.S. TV viewers age 13-74.