October 14, 2020

2020 Privacy and Piracy

Two important topics are covered in this new report for 2020 – Piracy and Privacy. Connected devices in the home – whether TVs, smartphones, tablets, or smart home devices – expose consumers to both of these “Ps”.

Connected devices of all types raise privacy issues and considerations. These range from concerns about legitimate data-sharing (is it too much or too intrusive?) to unlawful data heists (hacking or ransomware). What are consumers’ attitudes towards privacy, and how does it impact their adoption of connected devices and their receptivity to newer forms of interactive media or to addressable advertising?

Many viewers of streaming video through connected devices also – deliberately or not – watch pirated video. Many share passwords for streaming services. This piracy directly impacts the financial performance of stakeholders along the media value chain. How widespread is this piracy behavior, and what is the attitude of consumers to the issue? Are consumers clear on what constitutes legitimate vs. illegitimate access? Are there ways to mitigate piracy and reduce losses?

The study was conducted among 2,500 U.S. consumers age 16-74.