January 8, 2021

2020 5G

5G: in the near term, is it high-speed or hype? A broad marketing push for 5G originally planned by several brands for early 2020 was delayed by the pandemic. Now, with the new, just-announced 5G-capable iPhone 12 rolling out in October and November, we know “5G” will come to forefront. But how much do consumers really know about 5G?

5G wireless includes not only phones but home broadband nodes. 5G holds the potential of further transforming our connected world by being the ultimate cord-cutting technology—a further threat to cable broadband service. No wires for TV or home broadband are needed at all, with lightning fast speeds whether the user is stationary at home or mobile in a car. 5G is also a critical component in the evolution of the smart home and smart devices like self-driving cars.

This new report will explore how much consumers know about 5G at this early stage, consumers’ interest in 5G’s possible applications and use cases, and how 5G might impact legacy providers of broadband or bundled telecom services.

The study is conducted among 2,502 U.S. consumers age 16-74.