July 8, 2021

2021 Evolution of the TV Set

With 70 percent of homes now having a smart TV – and over half of TV sets being smart TVs – the evolution of the TV set has reached a new level. The most important screen in the home is less and less dependent on third party devices to connect to the internet in order to stream programs or to join in the smart home revolution. These changes will alter the television ecosystem that has built up over the last decade. How can those “in the business” keep on top of these changes to the TV set and their implications for device ownership and consumer use?

The third year of this report will continue to cover the current, emerging, and soon-to-come capabilities of TV sets and TV set peripherals, and how they influence viewer behavior. With three years of data, we are able to provide long-term trends for many topics. Our report will provide insights to stakeholders in the “TV value chain” (device manufacturers, content producers, and content distributors) which can be used to improve TV-related business outcomes.

The study is conducted among 2,519 U.S. consumers age 16-74