February 7, 2022


OVERVIEW: In our Video Redefined research, the last Hub Reports study we conduct each year, we take a step back from our usual focus on the TV ecosystem and how various TV platforms compete with one another, and explore how TV itself competes with the vast array of other screen-based entertainment options at consumers’ disposal.

Understanding the role that TV plays in consumers’ overall entertainment habits has grown more and more important in recent years, driven by a perfect storm of two developments: (1) the rapid growth in available non-television video content, such as online videos on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms, YouTube influencer videos, e-sports, video podcasts, VR, etc., at a time when (2) COVID-prompted confinement has resulted in more time for consumers to spend discovering and engaging with these non-TV options.

Ultimately, the study will be designed to answer a number of key questions for our TV industry clients: do these TV alternatives cut into traditional viewing time and to what extent, which options most strongly compete with TV content, is advertising on non-TV video platforms more effective at reaching its target audience than ads on TV, and how can TV companies leverage the perceived benefits of this type of content to their own advantage?

Source: Interviews with 2,179 U.S. consumers age 13-74 who watch TV and have broadband internet access (either fixed or mobile).