October 12, 2022

2022 Streaming TV: Built-in vs Plug-in

Streaming to a TV screen has shifted from an activity solely enabled by devices separate from the TV set – at first, internet-connected Blu-ray players and videogame consoles – to an activity that is now primarily undertaken using smart TVs or streaming media players (SMPs) such as Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. Looking to the future, it seems clear that smart TVs will begin to push SMP devices to the side – despite the irony that many smart TVs emulate SMPs by using Roku and Fire TV operating systems. Through this period of transition, a question looming over this space is just how different are smart TVs and SMPs – are there distinctions in users and uses that can inform the industry?

This new report will explore in detail how people use smart TVs compared with how they use streaming media players, measuring differences in usage/habits between these two main methods of streaming to the TV screen. The report will document differences in device usage and streaming behaviors between homes that only use smart TVs; that only use streaming media players; and that use both. Among those that use both, the report will delve into why a home would use both; how they complement each other; and what will prompt users to go “all smart TV” and eliminate streaming devices.

This report will provide guidance to all stakeholders in the “TV value chain” (device manufacturers, content producers, and content distributors) to help improve TV-related business outcomes.

Source: Interviews with 2,517 U.S. consumers age 16-74