March 9, 2023


Since 2019, Hub’s Evolution of Video Branding study has tracked awareness and perceptions of brands across the TV ecosystem.

The novelty of streaming services has worn off, with almost all Americans using at least one and most subscribing to multiple streamers. At this point, all media companies of note have launched their own pay or free service, and even newcomers like TV set manufacturers have thrown their hats in the ring with their own “OEM FASTs.”

The most important goal of providers is no longer to drive awareness, but to create differentiation.  With so many options, providers must now focus on how to stand out from their rivals: exclusive content, library content, stacking series based on IP or creators, bundling with their other lines of business, or offering multiple subscription tiers.

In 2023, the Evolution of Video Branding study will continue to track not just awareness of streaming services, but also which service or brand attributes have had the strongest impact on consumers’ perceptions. Where available, trends with the previous four waves of the report will be shown.

Source: Interviews with 2,400 U.S. consumers age 16-74 who have broadband access and watch a minimum of 1 hour of TV per week.