November 15, 2023


Conquering Content is Hub’s annual exploration of how TV consumers go about discovering and deciding what to watch – including how the process differs by platform (traditional vs. streaming), type of content, and device.

Our series of Hub Reports has consistently shown, especially for streaming services, content is just as important as price as a driver of service adoption; and high-profile, exclusive content has a major impact on subscription decisions. How will the current atmosphere of corporate content cutbacks play to consumers – not to mention the impact of the concurrent WGA and SAG strikes?

How do consumers manage their content in the fragmented and cluttered video environment, when consumers often may not hear about shows on their subscribed services in which they might be interested – much less shows of possible interest on services to which they don’t subscribe.

Aside from the importance of content and content discovery, our study will also explore how free ad-supported services (FASTs) are altering the content-choice landscape, and how consumers feel about the on-going WGA/SAG strikes. Is the pause in new content seen as a positive (I can catch up with shows I haven’t had time to watch) or a negative (the pipeline of new shows/movies is drying up)?

As always, consumers have a mind of their own that tends to confound industry expectations.

Source: Interviews with 1,600 U.S. TV viewers with broadband access age 16-74