February 22, 2024

2024 What’s the Score?

The media industry is experiencing a new age of disruption.

Consumer behavior is becoming much more unpredictable due to the introduction of streamers, user-generated content, and many other media to consume content.

However, it is a common belief that there is one genre of content that continues to drive passion and demand: sports.

What’s the Score? Is Hub’s inaugural exploration of how fans and consumers value sports – including sports-adjacent content.  Live games are typically the main appeal, but what are the interest levels across alternative broadcasts (such as ESPN’s “Manningcast”), sports betting, podcasts, etc.?

More specifically, What’s the Score? aims to understand sports fandom vis-a-vis consumption platforms.  How ‘sticky’ is exclusive content on a platform for subscribers’ or viewers’ retention or acquisition?  Does it differ by major US sports?  Does fragmentation impact the overall fan experience?

As rights continue to shift across broadcast, pay TV, streaming, and direct-to-consumer, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the value of sports content for all stakeholders.

Hub’s research will provide anyone who creates, distributes, and advertises on sports content with a deeper, more nuanced understanding of how much sports matter to your audience, and why.

Source: Interviews with 3,016 U.S. Sports Fans with broadband access age 13-74