March 12, 2024


OVERVIEW: Since 2019, Hub’s Evolution of Video Branding study has tracked awareness and perceptions of brands across the TV ecosystem.

As media companies enter 2024 and fill out their programming schedules, consumers are navigating an increasingly fragmented landscape of multiple streaming services and viewing sources.  Production pipelines have been stalled by the Hollywood strikes, which will significantly impact when people see new shows.  The recent trend of studios licensing content outside of their own streaming services to other streamers and FAST channels is providing even more choices and challenges for viewers seeking out favorite programs.

The most important goal of providers will continue to be around driving awareness, interest and differentiation in their services.  With so many places to watch, providers must continue to focus on how their brands stand out from their rivals: exclusive content, library content, stacking series based on IP or creators, bundling with their other lines of business, or offering multiple subscription tiers.

In 2024, the Evolution of Video Branding study will continue to track not just awareness of streaming services, but also which service or brand attributes have had the strongest impact on consumers’ perceptions. Where available, trends with the previous four waves of the report will be shown.

Source: Interviews with 1,600 U.S. TV viewers with broadband access age 16-74