April 9, 2024


The convergence of media and technology gets blurrier every year, as consumers dive deeper into technologies that give them 24/7 access to the digital content they know and love. Always-on internet access has networked together myriad devices – phones, smart TVs, smart speakers, kitchen gadgets, smart security systems, exercise equipment – that fill people’s days to make them more convenient, entertained and informed.  Artificial intelligence is making these devices even more powerful and relied upon for everyday tasks, improving algorithms and data streams that help improve what consumers purchase and match them with the content they love.

Media delivery and data collection never takes a break, whether consumers are watching a TV at night, using a smartphone during their commute, listening to a smart speaker while making lunch, or recording their exercise on a smart watch before breakfast. Understanding what consumers own and use is more important than ever for the ever-increasing list of stakeholders in the media world.

2024 marks the fifth year of Hub’s Entertainment+Tech tracking study. As in previous years, the Connected Homereport will provide a broad look at entertainment and smart home technology in US households, as well as their intentions to purchase new media tech (e.g. Apple’s Pro Vision headset) and how they approach those purchases. With historical trends going back to 2019, our data reveals what devices are trending hot – or cold – in today’s media technology environment.

This study will continue to provide media producers & distributors and device manufacturers insights to help them make better informed strategy and investment decisions.

Source: Interviews with 5,026 U.S. consumers 16-74

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