June 19, 2024


2024’s increasingly fragmented streaming landscape requires consumers to make complicated choices in identifying which services and sources best deliver their viewing needs.  Streaming competition in 2023 saw notable price increases and the promotion of new ad tiers across major streamers.  Charter and Disney redefined bundles by more deeply integrating streaming services into their broadband packages, with other distributors following suit. FAST services like Pluto and Tubi saw notable growth. Netflix delivered on its promise to crack down on password sharing, resulting in significant subscriber gains. Recent sports streaming content deals (via Amazon, Youtube, Peacock and others) are delivering sporting events in more exclusive ways to help drive subscriber growth.

Hub’s annual Best Bundle study will continue to explore how TV consumers are adjusting to this ever-evolving TV/streaming space. How are consumers discovering the bundle of services to find the combination that best meets their viewing needs? The study will identify the most common configurations of platforms: in particular, the extent to which consumers are still bundling linear vs streaming services, ad-free vs. ad-supported and FAST (free ad supported streaming) services. We’ll also explore consumers’ perceptions of newer ad tiers and industry efforts to reign in account sharing.

Source: Interviews with 1,603 U.S. TV viewers with broadband access age 16-74

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