July 11, 2024


As viewers navigate dozens of shows across myriad services, the abundance of choice continues to overload consumers. What streamer is that hot new show on?  How to watch that important playoff game? Beyond traditional MVPD services and the dominant Netflix, multiple streaming services are vying for consumer attention, claiming to offer a broad mix of “must-have” programs that will benefit any household.  It’s no surprise that some consumers today may admit that they miss the old days of cable, where, despite the challenges, at least everything you wanted was in one place.

Pressure is higher than ever for consumers to figure out what’s worth paying for (or not). Streaming services have expanded with both ad-supported and ad-free tiers, password crackdowns are reminding users that sharing accounts is no longer tolerated, and new free streaming services with ads (like Tubi, Pluto) provide even more options for users looking to save a buck.

Hub’s Monetizing Video study tracks how consumers have been navigating paid TV services since 2018. The study explores which services and features offer the best value, as well as the current amount consumers pay for TV services compared to what they consider to be a “reasonable” or “maximum” amount.

Findings from this study will inform companies about what makes one provider or service have greater perceived value to consumers than others.

Source: Interviews with 1,600 U.S. TV viewers with broadband access age 16-74

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