June 21, 2019

Monetizing Video | 2019 ATT

The ever-evolving state of the TV industry has entered a new phase in 2019, with a particular focus on pay models and service pricing. Among other developments, so far we’ve seen:

  • Prices: Changing subscription fees for many SVODs and VMVPDs: most increasing, some decreasing
  • Ads: Hulu placing restrictions on the length of ad pods
  • Subscription Platforms: More detail (including some pricing information) on upcoming subscription streaming services from Disney, Apple, and WarnerMedia
  • Ad-Supported Platforms: Viacom acquiring Pluto TV, then immediately feeding the service with Viacom library content
  • Monetization: Continued debate over whether Netflix can support its massive content investment and still remain ad-free

Naturally, the success of initiatives like these will depend on consumers’ perceptions of their value: the perceived value of each in absolute terms, and their perceived value compared to what consumers already use or could be using.

Hub’s 2019 Monetizing Video study will take an in-depth look at these perceptions of value, to determine:

  • Which current and new services are most likely to succeed
  • Which services will struggle
  • And most importantly: what all of that means for how TV services and content can be monetized most effectively going forward

Online survey with 1,765 U.S. consumers age 16-74 who have broadband access at home and watch a minimum of 1 hour of TV per week.