September 17, 2015

NEW STUDY: Finding Input One

Our “Finding Input One” study shows dramatic growth in the use of tablets and smartphones for TV viewing. Among consumers 16-64 who watch some TV shows online:

  • Half use a tablet to view TV shows (51%), a 15-point jump from just last year (36%).
  • More than a third use a smartphone for TV viewing (37%), up 7 points from 2014 (30%).
  • More online content is being watched on TV sets.  71% say they watch shows from online sources on a TV connected to the internet, 9 points higher than last year.

–  Smart TVs in particular have made major strides. In 2015, 39% of those who watch online shows on a TV set use a Smart TV,   vs. 42% who connect through a game console, the most popular connection device. That gap has closed rapidly since 2013, when consumers were twice as likely to use game consoles than Smart TVs (52% to 25%).

However, the popularity of mobile devices for TV viewing has NOT created a demand for streaming live TV to tablets and smartphones.

About this Research
“2015:  Finding Input One” is an online survey conducted among 1,230 US consumers with broadband, who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week. An excerpt and infographic of the report are available as a free download from Hub Entertainment Research. The study was conducted in August 2015.