January 18, 2016

NEW STUDY: TV Everywhere

Everything about the concept of “TV Everywhere” seems like a win-win: Pay TV customers enjoy the benefit of access to their subscription content on a variety of devices, at no additional cost; TV networks and MVPDs give customers one less reason to look for entertainment outside the pay TV ecosystem. But some 5 years into the evolution of TV Everywhere, a majority of pay TV customers who are eligible to use it, don’t do so on a regular basis.

Hub’s annual study shows that for those who use it, TVE continues to deliver:

  • Higher satisfaction: 73% of all TVE users say that having TVE available makes them feel more positive about their TV provider
  • Better perceived value: 71% of frequent TVE users rate their Pay TV subscription as an excellent or good value (compared to 47% of non-users)
  • Lower churn: 84% of frequent TVE users say they’ll continue to have service from their Pay TV provider a year from now (compared to 66% of non-users)

About this Research
“TV Everywhere” is an annual tracking study from Hub Research. The 2015 survey included 1,202 US TV viewers with broadband, ages 16 to 74. An excerpt of the report is available as a free download from Hub Entertainment Research. The data was collected in December 2015.